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> Intelligent Industrial
Digital Twin

Revolutionize Asset Integrity Management with r
eal-time, data-rich visualization through a navigable 3D environment with advanced features including remote inspections.

A next-generation tool for managing every phase of industrial assets

The MODS Reality digital twin monitors the onsite environment through 2D, 3D, point-cloud and 360 visualizations for proactive planning, execution and delivery <



> MODS Reality

MODS Reality is a digital twin providing a centralized data hub for inspection, engineering, construction and facility management that seamlessly links to existing ERP & CMMS systems for a fully integrated digital reporting experience.

Bringing all project stakeholders together into one powerful collaborative ecosystem, MODS Reality is a cloud-based solution capable of capturing large amounts of data from a myriad of upstream sources.

This virtual simulation of your facility provides control and predictability, empowering all project stakeholders through its immersive 3D visualization features and tools. You can now know what the onsite reality is from anywhere in the world.



> MODS Reality +

MODS Reality+ includes all of the functionality of MODS Reality, plus:

  • Robust activity management

  • Query raising

  • Customizable dashboards

  • Reporting

  • Progress tracking

  • Workfront planning 

  • SIMOPS oversight

A data-rich platform, MODS Reality+ enables real-time status visualization, activity management and oversight throughout all project and operational phases. 





> MODS Reality benefits

  • Transparency between stakeholders

  • Advanced definition of scopes and estimates

  • Compilation, using linked documents, visuals and auto-population

  • Technical issues alerts and status notifications. 

  • Real-time approvals and image sharing requests.

  • Site query and punch-list system, enabling smart decision making and improved workflow

  • Develop and visualize both present and future maintenance regimes

  • Instant real-time visualization of asset condition and status

  • Save money with site visits and improved budget control

  • Data sharing and automation

  • Save time with lower labor costs and on manual interventions

  • Improve safety and sustainability through increased awareness and mitigation

  • Powerful progress tracking and scheduling with intelligent 3D visuals

> MODS Reality functions <

Create workflows to suit your business with multiple user roles for access and sign-off permissions. Map out your workflows and digitalize your processes, step-changing towards paperless projects. Streamline management from creating to closing actions and easily communicate outstanding actions to the project team.  

  • Populate data  

  • Manage constraints  

  • Capture progress  

  • Close out actions  

  • Raise, answer and close-out queries   

  • Manage documents   

  • Schedule activities 

  • Centralized debottlenecking process 

  • Set up and customize milestones to be tracked 

  • Identify the source of the trigger manually, using the MODS suite or externally

  • Working dashboard that provides visibility and transparency 

Offshore productivity directly links to efficient and flexible work processes, as well as structured and consistent scheduling and real-time status reporting. With all scheduling, logistics and asset information at your fingertips, MODS Reality allows for remote workfront planning, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This includes: 

  • Resource and worker-hour monitoring and control 

  • Gantt chart planner 

  • 4D scheduling for simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) 

  • Integration with P6, SAP and Maximo 

Fully automated and customizable trackers to monitor progress across your project and Asset lifecycles. You can add multiple stages to trackers, add percentage weights and assign digital forms to stages from anywhere and at any time.  

This 4D tracking feature includes color-coded 3D and 2D representations, providing a visualization of status throughout all project phases. By creating a virtual view of your work scopes, the progress tracker feature in MODS Reality helps manage your projects effectively, providing both a historical record and a real-time understanding of status, allowing you to review and revisit completed work.  

Progress tracker features include:  

  • Multidiscipline progress tracking  

  • Status by weight and color code  

  • Agile hierarchy tracking  

  • Digital forms, integrated with tracking stages 

MODS Reality mobile connectivity suits iOS and Android, with both online and offline applications for mobile phones and tablets. MODS’s mobile connectivity allows you to:   

  • Locate your activity by QR code  

  • Start and stop trackers  

  • Fill out digitized forms with full sign-off permissions  

  • To raise, answer and close queries against activities  

  • Take photos and complete mark-ups 

All activity is linked directly to our reporting database for live updates in 2D and 3D making it easy to manage activities across the entire project and assset lifecycle remotely, from anywhere and at any time. 

MODS Reality provides one single source of truth for all project stakeholders whether onsite or in office. This encourages collaboration, provides transparency and enables the rapid identification of constraints to quickly action and eliminate, keeping everyone on the same page and on schedule with the following features:  

  • Grid viewer with easy data import capabilities  

  • Enhanced process management action  

  • Centralized document access  

  • Collaborative chat environment  

  • Automated notifications 

  • Centralized document access point

  • Review documents with comments 

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> Remote inspections with MODS Reality <

MODS Reality remote Asset Integrity Management capability allows you to conduct tasks in a virtual environment without having to be present onsite.

MODS Reality makes inspection records accessible at the touch of a button, so that you can know instantly and in real-time the remaining useful life (RUL), corrosion rate, remaining thickness of a section of pipe, estimated end of life and inspection timelines. This helps prioritize work, adding tasks to a digital work pack when used alongside MODS Connect WorkPack or other digital work packaging system.

Inspection reports can be easily and safely run with MODS Reality. And you can navigate the virtual environment with far greater ease than when conducting inspections in-person. Other features of MODS Reality’s remote inspection follow: 

  • Download point-cloud data and export it into a CAD system. 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) sensor compatibility. 

  • View live Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) footage and live video streaming. 

  • Seamless activity management to oversee all activities including existing in-house systems such as SAP or Maximo. 

Reality-mockup-1 (1)




The MODS software suite

Seamlessly link MODS Reality with MODS Connect for peak benefits:

  • Intelligently track components throughout the upstream fabrication process to provide transparency, traceability and reliable supply-chain control with MODS Connect Fabrication.

  • Intelligent inventory control of materials, equipment and components to ensure delivery on time, in sequence and to the correct location with MODS Connect Materials.

  • Go paperless with digital work packs for more intelligent, transparent and accountable project execution with MODS Connect WorkPack.

  • Provide the digital intelligence to ensure leak-free startups, process safety and major hazard avoidance with MODS Connect Integrity.

  • Facilitate a controlled, staged transfer of responsibility back to the owner-operator via an intelligent centralized database with MODS Connect Completions.

> Visualize your assets for operational excellence <

MODS Reality is useful as an independent visualization data hub or to provide advanced visualization alongside any of our MODS software products. It can also integrate with your existing data-centric systems. 

We can help you create a centralized data hub to integrate and visualize all your existing systems and data seamlessly using API web calls, or simply by switching on any part of our integrated MODS Connect software suite. Setup couldn’t be easier: link 2D with 3D automatically using our master-tag database, or manually with our bespoke tag creation tools. 

Designed for EPC projects of all types, scopes and budgets, MODS Reality bolsters operational excellence through: 

  • Delivering accountability 

  • Reducing schedules 

  • Reducing resource costs 

  • Full traceability 

  • Improved safety 

  • Improved workflow 

  • Remote work enablement 

  • Dependable project management 



> Industrial digital twin

Use MODS Reality+ with MODS Connect as a digital twin to better manage your projects and TARs, providing visualization and a centralized location for:

  • Scope definition

  • Point-cloud management

  • Fabrication status & and documentation

  • Material availability

  • Work pack status in planning and execution

  • Completion execution and handover status

  • Inspection planning

  • Status of equipment, piping & pressure relief devices (PRDs)

  • Asset registers

  • Compare plan status (i.e. completed vs overdue)

  • Visualize risk-based inspections (RBIs) (i.e. corrosion rate, remaining life)

  • Internet of Things (IoT) sensor capability

  • View livestream videos

  • Integration with SAP, Maximo



> We would love to talk to you about our

intelligent industrial digital twin <

MODS Reality, is an asset visualization solution for EPC projects. Suitable for all construction phases through to O&M, MODS Reality covers the entire asset lifecycle and delivers real value. 

The vast but avoidable costs of wasted person-hours, delays and slow paper-based processes can add up into the millions for mega projects because they lack visualization and transparency. 

Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how our MODS Reality visualization platform can help your organization. 
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> MODS Reality With MODS Connect


MODS Reality is a powerful visualization data hub in its own right. However, MODS Reality is also designed to be utilized with the MODS Connect software suite, bringing 3D visualization to the management and oversight of EPC projects. 

MODS Reality is a versatile, independent yet fully collaborative visualization tool aiding system users in making faster, more informed decisions while avoiding project delays, all via one centralized database. 

MODS Reality’s integrated processes incorporate the visual aspect of work execution, increasing safety while reducing costs. This software is the ultimate, complete visualization system with live reporting from the field. It revolutionizes every aspect of all project phases, delivering incremental step-changes throughout the project’s lifecycle bringing significant added value. 




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