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> Intelligent Industrial Asset Management <


A connected software solution that's as flexible as it is comprehensive.

Digitalize, visualize and automate essential tasks with MODS Connect

Improve efficiencies, enhance safety and maximize ROI < 

Digitalize, visualize and automate essential tasks with MODS Connect


> MODS Connect

MODS Connect puts intelligence behind
every part of your asset lifecycle management. The suite includes a foundational visualization platform with 5 intelligent modules that allow organizations to build an ecosystem best suited to the needs of specific projects or entire portfolios.

A cloud-based solution that digitalizes, visualizes and automates project workflows across the entire asset lifecycle, MODS Connect simplifies processes, improves safety, optimizes cost and time efficiencies, and reduces the carbon footprint. It also enables remote collaboration and information sharing to help users make better, more impactful decisions every day.

MODS Connect digitalizes your fabrication, materials, work pack, integrity and completions processes across an extensive range of global industries, including energy, renewables, construction, mining and petrochemical, helping you better manage your assets to have a positive impact on business, people and the planet.​​

Asset Lifecycle Management Software MODS Management

> Put intelligence behind asset management with MODS Connect <

As flexible as it is comprehensive our MODS Connect ecosystem includes 5 intelligent modules that connect in any combination:

Asset Lifecycle Management with MODS Management


> MODS Connect helps operators, contractors and vendors better manage their assets by ensuring:

  • Information doesn't get lost and remains accessible.

  • Compatibility issues don't occur between systems.

  • A single comprehensive lifecycle database.

  • Real-time communication of project status from site to office.

  • Transparent communication between different project phases.

  • Adherence to schedules.

  • Accurate forecasting and predicting bottlenecks in advance.

  • Projects run on or under budget.

  • Predictable labor requirements.

  • Works occur in the correct sequence.

  • Time and material resources are not wasted.

Manage your assets with MODS

> Intelligent industrial digital twin

Use MODS Connect alongside MODS Reality for more advanced visualization functionality. MODS Reality is a centralized data hub platform and digital twin for engineering, construction and facility management, seamlessly linking to existing ERP & CMMS systems for a fully integrated digital reporting experience.


Check out MODS Reality

Intelligent Industrial Digital Twin - Visualize your Assets

> Case study

MODS Connect has been vetted by forward-thinking Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies, including GIS and Petrofac, dedicated to advancing digital transformation of their industrial projects.

Petrofac, a leading provider of services to the global energy industry, turned to MODS Connect to capture all brownfield project data in one system. Compatible with Petrofac’s existing systems and processes and achieving connected delivery, MODS Connect decreased administrative burdens, improving efficiency by cutting time-spent in half.

MODS Management Partners with Petrofac

> Why you should contact us <


For operators, contractors and vendors, MODS are the connected software provider. We partner with our clients to provide a customizable package that integrates with your existing systems, providing a fluid user experience with comprehensive engineering support and digital consultancy throughout.

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