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Consultancy <

Revolutionize the impact your assets have on business, people and the planet.


> Improve the ROI, safety, carbon footprint and ESG deliverables of your industrial projects and assets 


A proven and trusted industrial innovator for more than 20 years, we are committed to helping bring about change for the better through our intelligent software solutions alongside a range of digital consultancy services.

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> Selecting MODS as your digital transformation (DX) consultant

Our world is changing, and it’s changing the way we need to build, maintain, decommission and rebuild assets.

At MODS, we believe technology, digitalization and software can help revolutionize the impact assets have on business, people and the planet.

We do this by bringing together decades of engineering and software development experience to our intelligent ecosystem of connected software solutions.

As your DX consultant, we continuously strive to increase the efficiency, safety and sustainability of your assets through digital transformation.


Define the work scope for your project or projects.


Identify the right digital solution for your project and budget.


Support continuously throughout our partnership, including user-onboarding and ongoing training.


> Services for intelligent industrial digitalization <

MODS are committed to helping our customers improve the positive impact of the assets they construct, own and operate. Our DX consultancy brings intelligence to the strategy and execution of your digital transformation for accelerated uptake and scalability. 

Digitalization optimizes project efficiencies, safety and decision-making for maximum ROI and in support of ESG targets. Let our expertise in change management, AWP strategy and paper-to-digital transition of asset management ease your digital transformation. 

> DX strategy

At the forefront of industrial digitalization for over 20 years, MODS engineers have firsthand experience in the challenges, methodology and rewards of industrial digitalization. Having successfully designed and executed DX strategies with our global partners, MODS help clients build systems that will work as intended. 

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> Change management  


We recognize the importance of change management throughout an industrial DX journey and have worked with clients toward the successful uptake and scalability of our intelligent industrial software solutions.

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> AWP expertise 

MODS are on the cutting edge of AWP implementation. In partnership with JGC, we won the 2022 AWP Project Award. 

Our paper on digitally transforming EPC brownfield project execution with AWP, written in partnership with Petrofac, was presented at ADIPEC 2023.

We continue to work alongside JGC, Petrofac and other global partners implementing AWP in intelligent industrial projects worldwide.


> Data management

Data management is the precursor to data standardization and, hence, scalable digital transformation for maximum ROI.

Actively involved with CFIHOS - the organization headlining data standardization for successful handovers - MODS are well positioned to deliver expertise in data management and data standardization.

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