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Putting the intelligence behind how assets are managed for positive impact on business, people and the planet​.


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Putting intelligence behind how assets are managed

For operators, contractors and vendors, MODS are the connected software provider <


MODS deliver the world’s most intelligent, connected ecosystem of software to ensure industrial assets are managed proactively at every stage of their lifecycles. Our disruptive technologies make a demonstrable, positive impact on business, on people and on the planet. ​

Putting MODS’ intelligence behind asset management simplifies processes, improves safety, optimizes cost and time efficiencies, and reduces the carbon footprint. It also enables remote collaboration and information sharing to help users make better, more impactful decisions every day.​

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> We have a responsibility to make a difference for the better <

Construction, maintenance, decommissioning and rebuilding of industrial buildings, energy plants and offshore structures are crucial for our future.

Offering a range of software products and digital consultancy services, MODS accelerate digital transformation for industrial operators, contractors and vendors.

We bring the benefits of our market-leading, intelligent digital solutions to an extensive range of global industries, including energy, renewables, construction, mining and petrochemical.

> Why MODS?


For more than two decades, MODS have been forging a path as a leading software developer, using our expertise to build an intelligent ecosystem of connected software solutions that help clients conduct their businesses more efficiently, safely and sustainably than ever. 

At MODS, we:

  • Are a proven player with more than 20 years’ experience​.

  • Demonstrate impact on project efficiencies, safety and decision-making​.

  • Contribute to sustainability targets by enabling the decarbonization of infrastructure, materials and assets​.

  • Intelligently integrate the entire MODS ecosystem of software solutions​.

  • Are an agile partner responding and adapting to our changing world and industries​.

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Why MODS New


Digitalize with MODS!


> Our world is changing. And it's changing the way we need to build, maintain, decommission and rebuild assets.


At MODS, we believe people, digitalization and software can help revolutionize the impact that industrial assets have on the planet.

As your digital consultant, we bring together decades of engineering and software development experience to ensure maximum uptake and scalability of our intelligent ecosystem of connected software solutions. 

MODS digital consultancy services accelerate your DX, at any stage. 


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> MODS: Your digital partner


Partnering with MODS allows you to be a part of revolutionizing the impact our world’s assets have on business, people and the planet.
Our global partners benefit from: 
  • Real-time data that informs better decision-making.

  • A flexible, comprehensive range of solutions.

  • Digitalization that eliminates a 7-14 day wait for paper-based work packs offshore.

  • Simplified processes.

  • Reduced time spent searching for data by around 50%.

  • Improved safety through streamlined workflows that minimize risk.

  • Reduced embodied carbon in materials and assets to help with achieving ESG targets.

JGC and MODS Management Partnership

Petrofac and MODS Management Partnership


> MODS put the intelligence behind how you plan, maintain and execute projects so they have a positive impact on business, people and the planet <


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And ensure the assets you manage have a positive impact on business, people and the planet.


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