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Evolve your 4.0 strategy with digital solutions that simplify the complex



Years of industry experience, have positioned MODS as a trusted technology supplier that simplify the complex in environments where schedule and safety is important. We work in partnership with our clients on their journey of digitalization to increase their capabilities and save on costs.


We offer solutions in partnership with the Oil and Gas community to help evolve their 4.0 strategy.

Together we become experience disruptors that implement digitalization strategies to increase safety, save time and decrease costs.


To reshape the Oil and Gas industry with the deployment of digital solutions that simplify the complex.

Delivering high return on investment to our customers, making assets more economically viable when building, expanding, maintaining and operating.

Innovative solutions. Delivering results

Plan, schedule, execute and operate with confidence


The MODS Connect suite of software and complimenting services, Virtual Asset and Dimensional Control, provide you with the tools to create a single source of truth to plan, schedule, execute and operate assets with confidence, on budget and on schedule.


cloud based engineering software for energy sector
mods-software-30-icon-connect (3)  Materials Manager

Materials tracking and management, ensuring you get the right item, at the right place, at the right time.

mods-software-30-icon-connect (2)  Work Pack

Digital work packs in a highly structured and consistent way for field execution.

mods-software-30-icon-connect (1)  SIMOPS

Scheduling with visible SIMOPS creating an integrated solution for work front management.

mods-software-30-icon-connect (4)  Joint Integrity

Joint integrity management system for all types of bolted and compression connections.

mods-software-30-icon-connect (6)  Completions

A paper free, visible and accountable integrity management system.

mods-software-30-icon-connect (5)  Progress Tracking

Reports during planning, through fabrication, construction, commissioning and hand over.

MODS software for energy sector

Software for Oil and Gas

With over 15 year working in the energy sector, we work across the global economy helping out Oil and Gas customers. Find out more.

Shut down solution you can depend on

We offer a proven solution in Oil and Gas that will accelerate you performance, reduce cost and increase safety during Shutdowns and Turnarounds.


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Delivering accountable visibility to owner Operators 


Benefits you can't afford to miss

  • Reduced cost and schedules
  • Optimized critical paths
  • Operational excellence
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Streamlined knowledge transfer
  • Optimized resource management
  • Prioritized integrity management
  • Increased efficiency levels
  • Achieve full traceability
  • Administer accountability
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved productivity
  • Stabilized operations
  • Leak free startups
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MODS is a business passionate about technology that will help the Oil and Gas sector save money and keep its employees safe while they work.

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