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Turnarounds and Shutdown Management 

Digital turnarounds for safe and conflict-free asset maintenance


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MODS Connect TAR solution preserves quality assured records, automates processes and ensures transparency for informed decision making.

Turnaround projects (TARs) – temporary facility shutdowns to accommodate asset maintenance or upgrades – is time critical. Offshore or other remote facilities present unique challenges that make TARs particularly vulnerable to scheduling delays having significant financial consequences.

Through the application of advanced workflow management processes, our customized MODS Connect TAR package allows organizations to easily collaborate, removing the headache from managing TARs and other shutdowns. 



TAR and shutdown management risks and challenges 



TAR and shutdown management risks and challenges, which impact project schedules, include:

  • Instability in interrupting Operations and Maintenance and pressures to get back up and running

  • Pre-planning and readiness of shutdown activities  

  • Getting materials, equipment and personnel to the right place, at the right time and in the right sequence

  • Ensuring accountability and traceability in handing over quality-assured systems

  • Ineffective handovers from operations to decommissioning, loss of archival information and data gaps.

  • Balancing competing workflow priorities.

  • Navigating reams of paper and massive hard-copy dossiers for information.

  • Communicating and clarifying contractor responsibilities and transferring site-specific knowledge to the contractor.

  • Ensuring contractors follow the work plan and are accountable. 


Digitalize your TARs and shutdown management


TAR projects and shutdown management are facilitated through digital tools such as MODS Connect that collate project information and streamline processes. Digitizing your TARs makes these jobs reliable, transparent, traceable and accountable.  

Benefits of digitalizing TARs

Digitalizing your TAR projects and shutdown management with our interactive cloud-based solution provides the perfect platform to remotely manage site work on plant, which is particularly useful for remote or difficult-to-access locations.

MODS Connect TAR and shutdown management solutions, which are competitively priced for maximum ROI, address the challenges of information management, quality assurance and timely projects.

How digital TARs and Shutdown Management deliver success


Only a third of turnarounds, shutdown and outages are executed successfully, on time and within budget. The ability to track actual progress status against what was projected in the project plan identifies potential bottlenecks in advance so that preventative measures may be taken.

A digital tool such as MODS Connect is a proactive management approach that allows project teams to keep their fingers on the pulse of materials, equipment, labor and other resource use. When project status is clear and measurable against targets throughout rapid turnarounds, and when project information is retained for accurate understanding and communication with internal and external stakeholders, schedules are maintained.

Our digital TAR and shutdown solution helps you deliver:


Critical path optimization

Improved efficiency
Accountable Integrity-min

Accountable integrity


Single source interface

Effective materials tracking

Reduced cost

Stable operations

Digital TARs with MODS Connect, what people say:

“Starting the first turnaround operation with a new digital solution gave us more flexibility to adjust our processes…When preparing for a turnaround, we always need to know what’s going to happen in advance, we don’t want any surprises as they usually result in delays. What we do want is predictability…The clarity, visibility and speed [of TAR digitalization with MODS Connect have] been revolutionary.”
Bill Karuppiah
Project Engineer
“I’ve used MODS software solutions during several major turnaround projects. Digital software without a doubt, shortens schedules, improves efficiency and communication, and gives clarity and confidence to all involved…Turnarounds become more predictable than ever before. Without specialized software, you cannot be certain that your turnaround will be on time and on budget. A data-driven turnaround is the future, the only way forward to ensure first time success and that schedules stay to plan. It is a faster and more accurate turnaround when using digital software, especially when it is all connected together…I personally would not want to return to the ‘old ways’ of paper-based tracking and documentation. It was slow and inaccurate.”
Steve Westcott
Oil & Gas Consultant

Digital TAR and Shutdown Management Features

  • Interactively manage your workflow processes, remotely and onsite

  • Create an integrated and collaborative environment that retains project information

  • Visualize the scope with our 3D option

  • Schedule and link critical activities

  • Work Front Planning

  • Track materials, progress, permits and integrity 

  • Create an integrated job setting

  • Implement a constraints management system  

  • Provide a unique register to structure, analyse and control permits

  • Structure real-time reporting

  • Track 4D status

  • Use dimensional control verification for critical items




MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software built for the specific challenges faced by EPC groups and owner-operators on the maintenance and upgrades of industrial assets.

As part of this software group, our turnaround and shutdown management solution consists of a combination of any or all of the following MODS Connect modules: Work Pack, Completions, Materials Manager and Joint Integrity.

Together, these modules serve to take the uncertainty out of TARs and other asset shutdowns. MODS Connect TAR solution digitizes and digitalizes your industrial shutdown processes so that projects flow in a predictable and streamlined manner.


Go digital to take your TARs and shutdowns to the next level


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