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> Intelligent Industrial
Work Packs <

Go paperless with digital work packs for more intelligent, transparent and accountable project delivery.​

Revolutionize workflows with digital work packs that travel from the office to the project site and back, instantaneously.

MODS Connect WorkPack streamlines workflows to keep projects on time and under budget <

Digitize your Work Packs with MODS Connect WorkPack


> MODS Connect WorkPack


MODS Connect WorkPack replaces paper-based systems for more intelligent, transparent and accountable project delivery through an accessible, easy-to-navigate cloud-based platform.

Delivering a real-time view of tasks from planning to sign-off, MODS Connect WorkPack links all project information such as engineering, manning, materials, inventory, fabrication, installation, industrial health and safety, scheduling and estimated time for constraint-free project execution. 


MODS Connect WorkPack Software

> Work pack challenges <


Current work pack systems that rely on paper-based printouts, spreadsheets and physical signatures involve high levels of manual intervention and suffer from a lack of accountability, transparency and traceability. This inevitably leads to errors causing safety issues, losses and delays.

  • The incorrect population of forms

  • Lost paperwork and data

  • Unclear knowledge of workflow status

  • Delays in sharing information 

  • Additional personnel required to handle paper-based information

  • Storage space for paper-based work packs

  • Lack of easily accessible, centralized information

  • Delays in data synchronization resulting in inaccurate status



> Digital work packs improve <

MODS Management impacts project completions

Project completion dates & scheduled work timeframes

MODS Management impacts costs, budgets and funding request

Costs, budgets & additional funding requests 

MODS Management impacts communication and connectivity

Communication & connectivity across the organization

MODS Management impacts safety

Safe execution of work



> MODS Connect WorkPack benefits

  • Reduce administrative burden

  • Structure work on three levels: work packs, job cards and activities

  • Interactive processes

  • Flexible system for allocation of work

  • Web-based review and revisions

  • Compatibility with all MODS Connect software

  • Automatic revision archive

  • Work pack readiness trackers

  • Paperless solution

  • Handheld technology for agile working

  • Planning and execution progress reporting

> Digitalize your work packs


Converting your current work pack processes to a digital system will revolutionize the way you manage construction, upgrades and maintenance and decommissioning of industrial assets.

The comprehensive MODS Connect WorkPack eliminates transportation issues with instantaneous editing access and signature signoff for more intelligent, transparent and accountable project delivery.


> Digital work packs content


MODS Connect WorkPack integrates job cards complete with detailed activities with the necessary trade mix, worker hours and Bills of Materials, as well as key technical data for construction and operational requirements.

Joint lists, completions ITRs and signoffs can all be reviewed and edited remotely. Bespoke templates and automated cross-referencing and form population, increase efficiency and accuracy for cost savings and transparency.

Work Pack Software MODS Management with what a digital work pack includes

> Speed saves time and money 


The compilation, transport and handling of physical work with a traditional paper-based system requires 60-90 days. MODS Connect WorkPack eliminates this wait time.

Adjustments, red-lines and sign-offs are effective and able to be viewed immediately. Photocopying, physical distribution and storage is no longer required. Over a 2-year project, tens of thousands of dollars are saved by going paperless. 


> Real-time status updates regardless of project location 


MODS Connect WorkPack provides a seamless, collaborative, cloud-based solution that enables access to real-time project status anytime and from anywhere. This is especially useful for the remote management of offshore or other remote assets.

MODS Connect WorkPack software delivers an innovative and interactive environment, utilizing handheld devices in the field to ensure all work packs are updated, monitored and controlled safely, efficiently and on schedule. 

Work Pack software MODS Management updates status regardless of location

> The materials-work pack interlink 

MODS Connect WorkPack integrates with your existing systems as well as with the complete MODS Connect suite.

When used with intelligent inventory control MODS Connect Materials, you can avoid bottlenecks and delays in your workflows, ensuring that your sequential activities can be carried out as planned. 

Integrate your Digital Work Packs with your existing system

> 3D Visualization with MODS Reality 


MODS Reality module offers real-time 3D visualization and progress status of onsite construction execution, which gives contractors, operators and all other stakeholders a comprehensive real-time look at the project.

On-the-ground status and demands are clear, enhancing management and oversight of your industrial asset.

Check out MODS Reality

3D visualisation software and tools with MODS

> Digitalize your work pack processes
for operational excellence <

MODS Connect WorkPack is an easily adaptable solution for managing construction, operations, maintenance and decommissioning workflows throughout an asset's lifecycle.

The system is designed to enable users to interact directly with the online database to efficiently red-line and close out tasks in real-time, to track progress, reduce paperwork errors, and speed up processes with automated population. All of these features deliver accountability while institutionalizing operational excellence in organizations through the following:

  • Improved communication and connectivity

  • Reduction in total installed costs

  • Avoiding bottlenecks and downtime

  • Improved project, safety and schedule performances

  • Increased productivity

  • Remote work enablement

  • Dependable progress and trade planner



> MODS Connect WorkPack functions <

  • Comprehensive work-pack planning and execution

  • Cloud-based working ideal for offshore projects

  • Field or project development planning

  • Engineering activities coordination

  • Construction management

  • Work pack planning, creation and compilation

  • Detailed work scopes and drawings

  • Job-card creation with materials, equipment and resources

  • Work pack, construction, equipment and crew scheduling and planning

  • Easy review, control and updates

  • Covers all work pack activity phases

  • Track execution progress by construction activity

  • Record actual person-hours against activity

  •  Access work pack deliverables and record progress on site

  • Visualize work pack progress by construction activities or tag
  • Closeout notifications and immediate access to work pack

> We would love to talk to you about
our digital work pack solution <


MODS Connect WorkPack is part of the MODS Connect suite. As flexible as it is comprehensive, MODS Connect increases efficiencies and improves ROI.

Time is money and digitalizing your work packages with MODS Connect WorkPack streamlines workflows for better project execution. MODS Connect WorkPack seamlessly synchronizes and auto-populates all other modules within the MODS Connect suite.

Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how MODS Connect can help your organization.

Contact the MODS Team


> MODS Connect WorkPack


MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software specifically designed for the challenges faced by EPC groups and Operators of industrial projects.

MODS Connect WorkPack module is a crucial, integrated component that eliminates any doubt of project data being lost or delayed. It can either function as a stand-alone solution or integrate with your existing systems. For a more significant ROI, we recommend looking at the full MODS Connect suite.


> Thinking of digitalizing your work packs? 


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