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Work Packs

A fit and functioning Energy facility is built and maintained using the Work pack. It is the ultimate source of information, handled and utilized by multiple staff from Administration to Operations. A Work pack is designed to assist in the completion of tasks and contains the crucial information to complete the job accurately, compliantly, and safely.


MODS Work Packs is part of our popular software for Brownfield projects – MODS Connect. This software solution links all the essential details pertaining to Engineering, Manning, Materials, Inventory, Fabrication, Installation, HSE (Health and Safety Executive), Scheduling, and estimated time. MODS Work packs are designed for the Energy Industry by Energy Industry experts. This system delivers an accountable and visible real-time view of the task from planning to sign-off.

Historically Work Packs have been enormous physical documents usually contained in large files or folders and can be hundreds of pages long. With the dawn of the digital age, these folders will become outdated. MODS software is providing the digital solution to an age-old, physical problem by creating a paperless, fit for purpose Work pack where sign-offs, permissions, copies, and departmental access can all be achieved instantly.

Inefficient Work Pack Systems Impact

  • Project Completion dates & scheduled work time frameworks
  • Costs, Budgets & additional funding requests
  • Production performance and related workforce issues
  • Communication & connectivity across the organization & hierarchy
  • Potential unsafe execution of work


Current Work packs that rely on paper-based printouts, spreadsheets and physical signatures involve high manual intervention levels and unaccountability. This inevitably leads to errors causing safety issues, losses, and delays. Therefore, it is essential to have the correct solution to manage and monitor all these issues and push project plans forward.

Common Work Pack Management related challenges

  • Incorrect and inaccurate population of forms resulting in lost paperwork and data
  • Unclear knowledge of real-time production status
  • Physicality of sharing information and communication causing unnecessary delays
  • Large workforce requirements resulting in additional budget requirements
  • Paper-based Work packs result in storage space and cost issues
  • No primary database with all information easily accessible
  • Delays in data synchronization resulting in inaccurate status

Digitize your Work Pack process

Converting your current Work Pack paperwork and processes to a digital model will revolutionize job scope definition. Work Pack preparation and schedules are supported and heavily influenced by accurate form filling, inclusive information sharing between departments and speedy sign-offs. Manual systems are cumbersome and time-consuming in comparison. Especially if the administration and permission signatures are in a different location involving return journeys onshore and offshore. A comprehensive software system will automatically negate and offer editing access, signatures and remove Work Pack transportation issues instantly.

Work Pack Contents

Job Cards complete with defined Milestones, detailed steps and activities with the necessary trade mix, Man hours and Bill of Materials. Key technical data for Construction and Operational requirements with the ability to show current status. Risk assessments and other documents can be reviewed and edited remotely. Vital components include Joint lists, Completion ITRs and the crucial Sign-offs.

All this information can be updated, shared, and accessed by permission, instantaneously, from anywhere in the world. Templates and structure can be modified to clients’ design. Assured with automatic cross referencing and form population, MODS Work Packs increase efficiency, reduce costs while giving full accessibility and transparency.

Speed saves time and money

This can be best illustrated when comparing the compilation and distribution of physical Work Packs. If you calculated the amount of time, manpower and physical resources used to assemble, ship, and closeout the Work Pack, you would be looking at sixty to ninety days. Over a two-year project, millions would be saved by going paperless. A Digital Work Pack is instant. No extra time to wait; adjustments, red-lines and sign-offs can be made and are effective immediately. No photocopying, physical distribution or storage required – a digital document is a time and money-saving as it gets.

Real-time status updates offshore and onshore

The Work Pack software from MODS provides a seamless, collaborative, cloud-based solution. The package integrates an innovative and highly interactive control technique, utilizing handheld devices in the field that ensures Work Packs are updated, monitored and controlled safely, efficiently, virtually on schedule.

Create a fit-for-purpose Work Pack

Proven digital process and format of work packages that produce clear, step-by-step instruction on how to perform a given scope. A cloud solution for digital work packs, information available globally in real-time, enabling management to make the right decisions with confidence. MODS Work Pack retains the fundamentals of job-setting but delivers these in a highly structured and consistent way. This solution creates a fit for purpose digital work pack for field execution helping maximize production.

Benefits of using MODS Work Pack Module

  • Large reduction of administrative burden
  • Structure work on three levels: Work Pack, Job Card and Activities
  • Interactive Processes
  • Flexible system for allocation of work
  • Web-based review process and revision control
  • Full integration & population with all MODS Connect modules
  • Automatic revision archive
  • Permit tracker & Work Pack readiness tracker
  • Paperless solution
  • Hand-Held technology positions your company for the digital age

We would love to talk to you about our Work Pack Solution

MODS offers a Work Pack solution which is part of the MODS Connect suite. MODS Connect can deliver real value on your project and help realize the cost-saving changes vital to remaining economically viable. The exponential cost of Work Pack creation and utilization remaining a paper-based, labour and time-intensive process is not comparable. Time is money and digitizing your Work Pack process will only reap rewards in all areas of production and use. MODS Work Pack seamlessly synchronizes and auto-populates all other modules within the MODS Connect suite.

Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how MODS Connect can help your organization.

Contact the MODS team

Digitalize your Work Pack processes for Operational Excellence


As a cloud-based Work Pack management system, MODS Connect provides an affordable and easily adaptable solution for managing stress-free tasks either in Construction or in Operations. Utilizing handheld technology and automation. The system is designed to enable users to interact directly with the database online to efficiently red-line and real-time close-out tasks, track progress, reduce paperwork errors, speed up processes with automated population and deliver accountability while institutionalizing Operational Excellence in organizations.

  • Improved Communication & Connectivity
  • Reduction in total installed costs
  • Prevent downtime with Materials planning
  • Improved Project, Safety, and Schedule performances
  • Increased productivity
  • Remote work enablement
  • Dependable progress & job cost tracking

MODS Work Pack Functions

These are just some of the functions available. Please contact the MODS team to learn more.

Comprehensive Planning and Execution of offshore project Work Pack

Field or project development planning and engineering activities

Project management

Offshore Engineering Value Chain

Work pack planning, creation, and compilation, including for each discipline

Contains: Scope of work, drawings, job-cards, materials, equipment listing, person-hour estimates & planning

Activity scheduling and planning for each discipline

Construction equipment and crew required

Project teamwork and final compilation, review, control, and update

Preparation of works schedule per each discipline, marine vessels & crew requirements

Cost, Time, and Resources (CTR) estimating, including design and engineering tasks

Fabrication, Offshore installation, commissioning, post-commissioning documentation activities

Post-commissioning Work pack activities, updating, documentation and handover

MODS Connect Work pack

MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software specially built for the challenges faced by EPCs and Operators on Energy Sector projects.  Within this software group, Work Packs is a crucial, integrated component of this offering, removing any doubt of data being lost or delayed during the project.  Alternatively, the Work Pack software can also function as a stand-alone solution that can integrate with your existing systems.  We recommend looking at the full MODS Connect offering for Brownfield projects for a significant investment return, regardless of size.  

Poorly executed Work Pack management has been the reason for significant delays that severely impact on project budgets.  Harnessing the power of Work Packs via a digital solution, will only revolutionize work practices and processes and deliver an efficient and highly effective alternative.  By digitizing your system, your Work Pack can advance project results by positioning people, processes, and technology in the right order at the right time.  The Energy Sector needs innovative takes on dated, historical practices to ensure the efficiency of time and money, regulations and safety parameters are adhered to and schedule dates are met.  



Does it work with external planning tools, like P6?

Is this a paper-based system?

Is there a mobile version of Work Packs to use in the field?

Does this Work Pack system have a track record of being used on Energy projects?

How does the licensing work for this software?

How do I control who can access the Work Packs?

Request a System overview meeting today

Speak to the experts and find out how MODS can transform the way you manage Work Packs on projects.

  • Minimizes downtime and reduces schedules 
  • Improves productivity, and profitability 
  • Completes projects faster, smarter, and more accurately 
  • Reduces errors, clearly communicating across departments
  • Alignment between Engineering, Procurement & Construction
  • Effective live status monitoring 
  • Integrated real-time sharing of project management information 
  • Informed ability to prioritize, plan and execute projects 
  • Paperless lifecycle management 
  • Dramatically reduces inaccuracy and inefficiency
  • Full traceability and accountability 
  • Competitively priced for maximum ROI 

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