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Progress Tracker

Working with a clear view on your current work-state allows for better decision-making and control. MODS Progress tracker is a real-time software solution that helps steer projects effectively, timely and in budget making life a little more predictable.


MODS Progress tracker delivers a comprehensive digital product with 4D tracking, color-coded 3D and 2D representations. The system provides a visualization of status during the Planning and Fabrication phases through to Construction, Commissioning, and Handover stages. This multi-tasking solution is cloud-based and provides immediate clarity and interactive ability all from a single source.

By creating a virtual view of your work scopes, Progress Tracker effectively manages your projects no matter the size or duration. This software solution also provides a historical record and real-time picture of production allowing you to review and revisit work completed. Progress Tracker removes questions over flexibility and collaboration as it seamlessly interacts with an organizations original systems and databases, can be modified to suit company templates, stage gates can be edited plus many more practical options available.

Inefficient Progress Tracking Systems Impact

  • Project Schedules and handover goals
  • Budget if estimated targets not met
  • Production time, and efficiency
  • Communication & Stakeholder transparency & visibility


Current processes that rely on paper-based printouts and spreadsheets involve high manual intervention levels, which inevitably lead to a lack of clarity and accuracy regarding progress and schedules. Delays, inefficiencies, and vague estimations are extremely costly therefore the correct solution to manage and monitor all these issues and push project plans forward is essentials.

Common Progress Tracking related challenges

  • Unverified status reports
  • Conflicting information
  • No traceability of status
  • No visual aid to help comprehension
  • Visualizing E & I (electrical and instrumentation) scope of work
  • Identification of bottle necks or unfinished issues
  • Lack of real-time status accessibility on-line
  • Lack of single-source database, with data held in individual silos

Digitize your Progress Tracking process

The power behind a project’s outcome is certainly digital related. MODS Progress Tracking enables a high degree of accuracy and transparency demanded in today’s working environment. Precision is crucial especially when relying on scheduling dates and ensuring workflow issues are avoided. Manual systems are bereft with blockages to productivity and efficiency that a comprehensive software system will automatically negate and offer instant information and indicators of pending problems.

Visualization of status

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ - this adage is true for MODS Progress Tracking as it paints a visual representation of project status using a 3D model, 2D drawings, schematics, photographs alongside linked tags. Having a project overview that quickly illustrates workflow, any potential issues, and all related technical data, liberates project management to a higher level of efficiency and control. This information, because it has logical and visually understandable aids, simplifies the task of tracking a project’s progression and maximizes the data available to managers and users.

Progress Tracker is the visual control element of the MODS Connect suite of software products. Work Packs, Material management, Joint Integrity, Completions and Commissioning are all connected, viewed, and tracked via this flexible and informative digital solution. This information can be updated, shared, and accessed by all, instantaneously from anywhere in the world from a single data source.

Real-time updates

The value of having accurate, accountable, live updates is priceless in project execution. Plant owners can apply Contract penalties to EPC contractors for the late handover of a project. These delays are often caused by bottlenecks, recurrent issues all resultant from the inability to track progress making managers reactive rather than proactive to potential problems. The solution to these typical issues is a digital one that will revolutionize control, stay on schedule and within budget.

Benefits of using MODS Progress Tracking Manager

  • Full traceability and accountability.
  • Detailed 3D and 2D visualization with color-coding abilities
  • Cloud-based system using hand-held devices
  • Real-time / Live status which removes the lag of paper-based systems
  • Identification of bottlenecks or issues
  • Easily integrated with other systems including data-share
  • Prevents conflicting information via verified status updates
  • Ability to pre-populate from MODS suite
  • Offers 100% paper-free status reporting

We would love to talk to you about our Progress Tracking Solution

MODS offers a Progress Tracking solution which is an integral part of the MODS Connect suite. MODS Connect can deliver real value on your project and help realize the cost-saving changes vital to remaining economically viable. The exponential cost of the lack of control and management of projects is not comparable. Without a clear, true, and simple visual aid to your progress tracking, management of projects will remain a best-guess rather than a predictable, reliable tool for productivity.

Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how MODS Connect can help your organization.

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Can it work without a 3D model?

Can I set my own Stage gates?

Does the system report in real-time?

Can MODS Progress Tracker utilize my current system’s historical data?

MODS Connect Progress Tracking

MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software especially built for the challenges faced by EPCs and Operators in the Energy sectorWithin this software group, Progress Tracking is a crucial, integrated component of this offering, removing any doubt of the state of activity within the project. Alternatively, the Progress Tracking software can also function as a stand-alone solution that can integrate with your existing systemsWe recommend looking at the full MODS Connect offering for Brownfield projects for a significant investment return, regardless of size.  

Unfortunately, poorly executed Progress Tracking management with its lack of clarity and accuracy in status reporting results in continual bottlenecks, workflow issues and wasted valuable time and money. A truly accountable and accurate digital software solution illustrated by visual, up-to-the-minute information using tags, photographs, 3D and 2D colored drawings can negate these typical progress-tracking issues, vastly improving accuracy and accountability.


Request a System overview meeting today

Speak to the experts and find out how MODS can transform the way you manage Progress tracking on projects.


  • Reduces schedule delays
  • Improve estimations of construction, production, labor norms
  • Improves productivity, and profitability 
  • Completes projects faster, smarter, and more accurately 
  • Reduces errors, clearly communicating design intent in 3D 
  • Drives improvement through performance feedback 
  • Effective live status  
  • Integrated real-time sharing of project status information 
  • Informed ability to plan and execute projects 
  • 100% Paperless option
  • Dramatically increases collaboration between departments and data sources
  • Full traceability and identification of bottlenecks and issues
  • Competitively priced for maximum ROI 

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