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MODS Reality

A next-generation tool for managing the digital visualization of your asset. It has the power to transform the way that your projects are planned, controlled, and executed utilizing digital twin technology.

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MODS Reality, designed for a multitude of Industry end-users is especially valuable in the Energy Sector. Owner Operators, Contractors, Surveyors, Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Construction departments can all harness the power of this digital visualization tool. Trust and collaboration are immediately improved with any debate or confusion over project status immediately dissipated through full transparency of progress.

As a web-based 3D, point cloud, and photographic imagery management software, MODS Reality offers you control and predictability. Using your captured imagery, this solution empowers you through immersive site visits to know what the reality is from anywhere in the world. This specialized software is already reaping rewards for clients across the globe as their visual ‘go to,’ single-source of truth.

Lack of Project Visualization impacts on

  • Project schedules, reaction times and completion delays
  • Number of site visits & related safety, labor, and travel costs
  • Cost overruns & budgets
  • Lack of data collaboration, difficulty illustrating & identifying work, errors
  • Communication with Stakeholder and Contractors

Non-digital processes relying on high manual intervention levels are expensive and inevitably lead to errors causing safety issues, increased costs, and delays. MODS Reality provides complete clarity of workflow, an optimized full 360-degree view of your project status, including access to all related documentation on projects of all sizes.

Common Project Visualization related challenges

  • No definitive knowledge of real-time project status
  • Lack of collaboration and transparency between stakeholders, contractors, and project team
  • Deficiency of data-sharing resulting in data synchronization delays and inaccurate status
  • Reaction time to potential schedule-impacting issues
  • Physicality of sharing information and communication causing unnecessary delays
  • No facility with related documents readily available with remote access
  • Disconnect of documentation with imagery and digital twin

Digitize and Visualize your Project Control Process

MODS Reality combines both web and mobile technology offering access to the visualization of your assets and project status. Actions become identifiable via notifications, and linked data via intelligent tags throughout the lifecycle of the project. With an accurate and current view of the site that provides a reality of the situation, improved project control and transparency are gained resulting in a streamlined workflow, with cost and safety-critical issues identifiable much further in advance.

Reality Beneficiaries

This visualization tool offers remote accessibility to an extended organization including external contractors and stakeholders. An accurate and up-to-date visualization of your asset’s condition and project status, accessed at anytime from anywhere in the world is vital to Owner/Operators. Powerful Project Tracking and Scheduling, status notifications and immersive, intelligent 3D visuals combined with photographic imagery and CCTV access gives total project control for EPC Contractors.

The extended organization benefit from simplified quotation approval and site queries can be easily raised and actioned digitally to minimize disruption. Activity and material tracking via the mobile APP improves efficiency and avoids schedule delays.

Typical Projects

Visualization of your asset allows instant access to point cloud data with its linked 3D models and documents. An intuitive document storage system furthers efficiency and effectiveness. Revolutionize control in Repair orders and Minor Modifications by utilizing the scan to tag and monitor scopes. Download high tolerance data for engineering and control, and enhance collaboration using functions such as the tracker and technical query on the mobile app.

With a Fabrication Control process, the system-stored documentation can automatically produce a digital Fabrication dossier, fully paperless with digital sign off and revision control. Remote Management of Large Sites is made easy by capturing on-site data using CCTV, fixed IP cameras, drone footage and walk-throughs with 360-degree cameras to produce a detailed point cloud mesh. The uploaded data automatically plots GPS positions merging data to produce a virtual site on your desktop to monitor and analyse.

Effective & Efficient

With centralized project information, search, identification, and verification of tasks are easily achieved. Remote and instant interaction with organized storage of digital assets, records and documents allows faster verification and approval times. Reports, Scope of Work and Handover dossiers are automatically produced avoiding the labour-intensive administration time and costs usually required.

Full traceability of materials back to their origin is possible and a streamlined digitized workflow revolutionizes transparency and efficiency throughout the project. Technical queries can be raised, answered, and closed out in a fraction of the time with the intuitive mobile and web app, reducing downtime and saving costs. And the Tracking function enables customization of weighted stages and shows a live status for Engineering, Fabrication and construction via dashboards and 3D visuals.

Key Interface & Integration

Empower your team across the organisation with data insights in real time, cloud-based dashboards with a full suite of dashboard templates customizable to suit requirements. Link dashboards to the 3D model, allowing visualization of constraints, progress, and the planned schedule by colour to give a truly immersive and virtual experience.

Design bespoke reports and scopes of work that can be viewed, exported to PDF, Excel or simply printed off. Integrate data sources from existing business systems such as Maximo, SAP and Teams and report on them within the dashboard.

Mobile Applications with QR code technology for Progress Tracking and Technical Queries can function online and offline using Android or IOS, offering true live reporting in your dashboard.

Benefits of using MODS Reality

  • Instant real-time visualization of asset condition and project status
  • Colour imagery in 360-degree, 2D and 3D, linked to digital twin with attached related documents
  • Save money with reduced travel costs for site visits, fewer resources, and better budget control
  • Save time with faster project completion, fewer labour costs and hours spent on manual interventions
  • Improved safety and sustainability through increased awareness, fewer site visits better analysis and mitigation of avoidable risks
  • Transparency between operators, contractors, stakeholders, and project team improving collaboration and understanding of real-time issues
  • Error elimination using data sharing and automation
  • Powerful Project tracking and scheduling with intelligent 3D visuals
  • Streamline workflows for estimates, quotations, and survey results
  • Advanced definition of scopes and estimate compilation, using linked documents, visuals, and auto-population
  • Alert and status notifications notifying technical issues, approvals and image sharing requests
  • Site query and punch list system enabling smart decision-making and improved workflow
  • Activity and equipment tracking with mobile app
  • Customizable Report generator with revision control for a digital, paperless process
  • Handover documentation auto-compilation to manage certification and check sheets

We would love to talk to you about our Project Visualization Solution

MODS Reality offers a Project visualization solution which can deliver real value on your project and help realize the budget-saving changes vital to sustaining economic viability. The vast but avoidable costs of wasted manhours, delays, slow paper-based processes soon add up into the millions when projects lack visualization, transparency, are paper-based and labor intensive.

Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how MODS Reality can help your organization.

Contact the MODS team

Optimize your Project management using a visualization tool for Operational Excellence

MODS Reality integrates with major business systems utilizing original, historical data. Suitable for major or minor projects including modification and maintenance tasks. MODS Reality enables users to interact directly with data, efficiently track progress, reduce paperwork errors, speed up processes and deliver accountability while furthering Operational Excellence within organizations.

  • Reduced schedules
  • Reduced resource costs
  • Full traceability
  • Improved safety
  • Improved workflow
  • Remote work enablement
  • Dependable project management

MODS Reality Functions

These are just some of the functions available. Please contact the MODS team to learn more.

CAPTURE - quickly and accurately capture the information and imagery you need

CAPTURE – up-to-date project status ensuring progress tracking is optimized

CAPTURE – 2D and 360-degree photographs taken automatically and, on the move

CAPTURE - identifying punch list markups and share instantly online

CAPTURE – high tolerance scan data, annotate, tag and measure.

VIEW – project progress with linked documents and images available remotely

VIEW – Instant access offering full transparency of workflow and issues

VIEW – clip and download scan data, 2D and 360-degree imagery at multiple levels

CONTROL – 3D Point data and scan export filtered by tag and category

CONTROL – annotate, tag and markup imagery and link to location and task

CONTROL – split-view comparison of historical schedule, 3D model and imagery

CONTROL – single source of truth promoting project management coordination

CONTROL – Approval and Technical query processes, tracker function, report & dossier generation

MODS Reality and MODS Connect

MODS Reality is an independent solution that can also be utilized by the MODS Connect suite of products such as MODS Work Pack, MODS Materials Manager, MODS Joint Integrity and MODS Completions. MODS Reality is a versatile, independent yet fully collaborative visualization tool aiding system users in making faster, more informed decisions while avoiding project delays, all via one single source of truth. MODS Reality also links directly to MODS Origin our Greenfield project software.

MODS Reality’s integrated processes incorporates the visual aspect of work execution and inherently increases safety while reducing costs. This software is the ultimate, complete system with live reporting from the field. It revolutionizes every aspect of the phases within the project while delivering incremental step changes throughout the project’s lifecycle giving total added value.



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MODS Reality empowers project teams with a visualization tool to initiate, define, control, analyse & report live status throughout the project. Speak to the experts and find out how MODS can transform the way you manage projects of all sizes.

  • Minimizes downtime and reduce schedule 
  • Completes projects faster, smarter, and more accurately 
  • Reduces errors, clearly communicating across departments
  • Paperless lifecycle management 
  • Dramatically reduces inaccuracy and inefficiency
  • Competitively priced for maximum ROI 

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