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Activity Manager

Remote managerial oversight of all construction, operations and maintenance activities, workflows and logistics from one cloud-based interface.

Manage your data via the desktop and capture real-time status onsite using QR codes from fabrication through O&M and decommissioning for remote quality assurance and progress tracking throughout any phase of the project or Asset lifecycle.


MODS Connect Activity Manager enables remote management of all activities and workflows from one comprehensive platform. A comprehensive digital solution with 4D tracking, color-coded 3D and 2D representations, Activity Manager provides status visualization throughout all project and operational phases. This multi-tasking solution is cloud-based and provides immediate clarity and interactive ability all from a single source.

Activity Manager eradicates spreadsheets, manual data entry and other siloed systems for controlling activities, raising queries, reporting, tracking progress and workfront planning. Capturing a vast amount of data, Activity Manager allows you to view and filter customizable dashboards that provide valuable, onsite, live data. The myriad of features including Reporting enable remote, quality assured Progress Tracking and SIMOPS oversight.




Construction Digital Twin


MODS Connect Activity Manager links to our visualization data hub – Reality – to provide a construction digital twin. Reality delivers real-time 3D visualization and progress status of onsite construction execution, which gives construction contractors and owner-operators a comprehensive look at the project and/or asset. 

O&M activities are linked to the visualization data hub to provide a construction digital twin with access to plot plans, 3D master and project models, 360 image navigation, point cloud and survey data to access and download, asset intelligent P&IDs. Meta data and documents for inspection, engineering, fabrication and construction are also accessible here and archived for historical data retrieval.

Data Management


Manage all your Integrity, Engineering and Construction data throughout the entire project and Asset lifecycle in one centralized datahub, using: 

  • Documents and drawings 
  • Reports & dossiers 
  • Point clouds 
  • 360-degree imagery
  • 3D models 
  • Intelligent tags with metadata




Activity Workflows


Create workflows to suit your business with multiple user roles for access and sign-off permissions. Map out your workflows and digitalize your processes, step-changing towards paperless projects. Streamline management from creating to closing actions and easily communicate outstanding actions to the project team. 

When linked to Reality, our Activity Management planning tools provide 4D project management though one centralized hub so that you can:  

  • Populate data 
  • Manage constraints 
  • Capture progress 
  • Close out actions 
  • Raise, answer and close-out queries  
  • Manage documents  
  • Schedule activities


Centralized workfront planning


Offshore productivity directly links to efficient and flexible work processes, as well as structured and consistent scheduling and real-time status reporting. With all scheduling, logistics and asset information at your fingertips, MODS Connect Activity Manager allows for remote workfront planning, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This includes:

  • Resource and worker-hour monitoring and control
  • Gantt chart planner
  • 4D scheduling for simultaneous operations (SIMOPS)
  • Integration with P6, SAP and Maximo


Collaborative Environment


MODS Connect Activity Manager provides one single source of truth for all project stakeholders whether onsite or in office. This encourages collaboration, provides transparency and enables the rapid identification of constraints to quickly action and eliminate, keeping everyone on the same page and on schedule with the following features: 

  • Grid viewer with easy data import capabilities 
  • Enhanced process management action 
  • Centralized document access 
  • Collaborative chat environment 
  • Automated notifications 



Progress Tracking


Fully automated and customizable trackers to monitor progress across your project and Asset lifecycles. You can add multiple stages to trackers, add percentage weights and assign digital forms to stages from anywhere and at any time. 

This 4D tracking feature includes color-coded 3D and 2D representations, providing a visualization of status throughout all project phases. By creating a virtual view of your work scopes, the Progress Tracker feature in MODS Connect Activity Manager helps manage your projects effectively, providing both a historical record and real-time understanding of status, allowing you to review and revisit completed work. 

Progress Tracker features include: 

  • Multidiscipline progress tracking 
  • Status by weight and color code 
  • Agile hierarchy tracking 
  • Digital Forms, integrated with tracking stages




Dashboards and Reporting


With MODS Activity Manager coalescing all information into one centralized database, reporting has never been easier. A full suite of drill-down dashboards provides live updates from the site. Static reports can be filtered at different levels to create bespoke PDFs from a selection of over 50 templates, including: 

  • Inspection 
  • Project management 
  • Fabrication management 
  • Work Pack planning
  • Work Pack execution 
  • Completions execution 
  • Materials 

Constraint Management

Via the full suite of MODS Connect modules, Activity Manager’s Advanced Process Gates (APG) function can provide a full constraint management process that throughout any project phase. For example, APG provides the status of materials and engineering deliverable status to ensure that everything is construction ready.




Technical Queries

A fully integrated query process, designed to cover site, technical and clarification queries. You can assign team members, upload documents and set certain criteria. Color-coded status and sign-off permissions with an auto generated PDF report walk you through the Raise, Answer and Close-Out query process.

Link to 4D Visuals

Activities are linked to tagged items in the visual model using our master Tag database, which sits across the full Connect suite. Color code the model based on the process stage of your activity, whether Work Pack, Fabrication or construction status. The link to our visualization data hub, Reality, provides historical data and point-cloud information to the engineering and construction teams for storyboarding and model shots.




Systems Integration

MODS Connect Activity Manager – as with all MODS software – links seamlessly to your existing systems such as SAP, P6, Mpower and many more. Having a wealth of experience in setting up data exchanges, our team of developers is readily available to provide support through web calls and APIs.


Mobile Connectivity


MODS Connect Activity Manager's mobile connectivity suits iOS, Android, with both online and offline applications for mobile phones and tablets. MODS’s mobile connectivity allows you to:  

  • Locate your activity by QR code 
  • Start and stop trackers 
  • Fill out digitized forms with full sign-off permissions 
  • To raise, answer and close queries against activities 
  • Take photos and complete mark-ups

All activity is linked directly to our reporting database for live updates in 2D and 3D making it easy to manage activities across the entire project and Asset lifecycle remotely, from anywhere and at any time.


Activity management challenges


For brownfield projects, operations and maintenance to run smoothly, countless moving pieces need to slot into place. Offsite managers often struggle to access and coalesce accurate, up-to-date information that drive strategic decisions. Manual systems suffer from errors and lack of integration, resulting in the following activity management challenges:


  • Unknown, incorrect or ambiguous real-time information status
  • Unverified status reports
  • Conflicting information
  • No traceability of status
  • Inability to raise timely queries
  • Lack of access to historical archives
  • No visual aid to help comprehension
  • Visualizing E & I (electrical and instrumentation) scope of work
  • Identification of bottlenecks or unfinished issues
  • Lack of remote access to information
  • Lack of single-source database, with data held in individual silos

Inefficient activity management impacts


Timeline & budgetary estimates

Project Schedules & Handover Goals

Transparency & Accurate Real-Time Reporting

Project Visibility, Progress & Status

Digitalize your activity management


MODS Connect Activity Manager is the digital solution for remote oversight of brownfield projects of any size and scope, as well as operations and maintenance activities.

Eliminating the need for spreadsheets and standalone systems, Activity Manager lets you manage all activities and workflows, remotely, from a single cloud-based interface.

Precision is crucial. Manual systems are bereft with blockages to productivity and efficiency. Based on an intelligent notification framework and QR coding technology, MODS Connect Activity Manager is easily linked to your existing information management systems.

To further its potential, use Activity Manager alongside our Reality module for a construction digital twin of your asset, giving you unencumbered 4D visualization of your asset.



Benefits of using MODS Activity Manager solution


  • Full traceability and accountability

  • Detailed 3D and 2D visualization with color-coding abilities, reducing errors through clear visual communication

  • Cloud-based system with access from hand-held devices

  • Real-time status removes the time-lag of paper-based systems, reducing scheduling delays

  • Traceability and identification of bottlenecks and other issues, for an informed and proactive rather than reactive approach

  • Improved construction, production and labor estimates

  • Interactive scheduling completes projects faster, smarter and more accurately

  • Improved productivity and, hence, profitability

  • Up to 25percent increase in offshore productivity with MODS Connect Activity Manager workfront planning, facilitating collaboration though systems integration.

  • Easily integrates with other systems, from data sharing to digital twin

  • Prevents entering conflicting information through verified status updates

  • Ability to pre-populate with data from any/all modules in the MODS Connect suite

  • 100percent paper-free status reporting

Digitalize Your Activity Management Processes For Operational Excellence

As a cloud-based activity management system, MODS Connect provides an easily adaptable solution for remote oversight of all project and Asset construction, maintenance and operational activities. The system is designed to enable managers to remotely oversee the progress of onsite activities, including SIMOPS, through real-time reporting and Asset visualization when used with our Construction Digital Twin and Visualization Data Hub, Reality.

The system provides control and cost savings you cannot ignore, delivering informed decision making capabilities, transparency and accountability in pursuit of Operational Excellence through the following:

  • Real-time progress tracking
  • Full traceability and accountability
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced schedules 
  • Remote managerial oversight
  • Clear, visual communication
  • Improved construction, production and labor estimates
  • Interactive scheduling 



We would love to talk to you about Activity Manager


MODS offers a comprehensive activity management solution, which is an integral part of the MODS Connect suite. This centralized cloud-based software puts managers in the driving seat though remote and real-time access to activity control, reporting, queries, progress tracking and workfront planning.

Having a clear, true, and easy-to-use planning aid makes informed decision making possible, enhancing your productivity. Compatible with all MODS Connect modules, including Reality, Activity Manager is the high-level solution that prioritizes ROI.

Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how MODS Connect can help your organization.

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MODS Connect Activity Manager


MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software built for the specific challenges faced by EPC contractors and owner-operators on brownfield projects. As part of this software package, our Activity Manager module digitalizes remote managerial oversight of projects, operations and maintenance. Informed decision making requires real-time accurate, accessible information. 

Our Activity Manager module can also function as a stand-alone software. For a significant return on investment, we recommend looking at the full MODS Connect suite, suitable for brownfield projects of any size.



Activity Manager FAQ

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