Materials Manager

A cloud-based system using QR codes and intrinsically safe handheld devices to control the processes associated with materials management during projects.

Materials management software for projects

Materials management impacts cost, integrity, productivity, and production. Current processes that rely on paper-based printouts and spreadsheets involve high manual intervention levels, which inevitably lead to errors causing losses, mistakes, and delays.

MODS Materials management cloud-based software can work independently of the MODS Connect Suite or as an influential component in the combined enterprise solution.


  • Clearer Accurate Reporting
  • Less Administration
  • Less Business Disruptions
  • Greater Regulatory Compliance
  • Greater Productivity
  • Increased Project Quality
  • Increased Project ROI
  • Project Schedule on time

Key functionality

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  • Manifest Creation
  • Weight Reports
  • Links bulk purchase orders with MODS Work pack
  • Perform material management by Work Pack / Job Card
  • Schedule and communicate the readiness of materials
  • QR Code / RFID technology
  • Spares management
  • Photographic functionality for easy identification
  • Space Management & Visualisation
  • Automatically report generation
  • Auto Population of materials from Existing ERP Systems

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Cost savings you can't ignore

As a cloud-based materials manangement system MODS Connect provides an affordable and easily adoptable solution utilizing automation. The system is designed to enable users to interact directly with the database online to track each material efficiently to reduce costs and help institutionalize Operational Excellence in organizations.

  • Materials Tracking
  • Materials Allocation
  • Global Collaboration
  • Dependable Traceability
  • Remote work enablement
  • Tracking technology
  • Efficiently handled returns
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