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Joint Integrity

Accountable Joint integrity, Flange management software, is critical for leak-free start-up, efficient production, process safety and major hazard avoidance.

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Operators are under pressure to improve containment, so when it comes to adhering to stringent regulatory requirements, Joint integrity is a top priority. 

High volumes of data generated surrounding Joint integrity, present several important issues involving control, validation, issuing, tracking, and indexing.  Current systems used, such as spreadsheet-based solutions, are time-consuming and prone to error.  

MODS Joint Integrity and Testing is a Cloud-based Joint integrity software, that uses QR codes and intrinsically safe handheld devices to control the processes associated with Joint management and Pipe systems testing.  It has been designed to enable users to interact directly with the database and track each joint online. 

Inefficient Joint Management Systems Impact

  • Safety
  • Budget
  • Production
  • Project Schedule

Current processes that rely on paper-based printouts and spreadsheets involve high manual intervention levels, which inevitably lead to errors causing safety issues, losses and delays. Therefore, it is essential to have the correct solution to manage and monitor all these issues and push project plans forward. 

Common Flange / Joint Management related challenges

  • No consistency of procedures
  • Incorrect joint assembly 
  • Wrong materials used for the job
  • Inadequate tracking of certification of technicians
  • Inaccurate updates of work progress
  • Missing tags
  • Improper tightening methods

Digitize your Joint integrity system

Early adoption of a robust digital Joint integrity / Flange management system enables a high degree of influence on a project's outcome.  It has proven to be significantly cost-efficient. Process-leaks threaten employees, installations, and the environment.  Using technology will provide information that can be issued to the right person, in an understandable formatat the right time, facilitating the right decisions are being made and mitigating risk. 

Leak-Free startups

Implementing the optimum digital strategy to eliminate leaking joints as part of a maintenance program will mitigate unacceptable risk.  A 'leak-free startup' will avoid any delay or rework and implement new technology and processes.  Achieving a leak-free startup is key to reducing costs and achieving scheduled or early demobilization of the workforce. 

Thousands of reasons to digitize your joint management process

In an average-sized petrochemical facility, bolted flange joints can equate to approximately 25,000 to 50,000 bolted joints.  That's 50,000 potential reasons that could cause a major catastrophe if not managed correctly.  There are now a multitude of digital options available today that provide assistance with this mammoth task, the choice to continue with historical systems and paper-based processes may well seem senseless. 

Real-time updates regardless of location

The Joint Integrity software from MODS provides a seamless, collaborative, cloud-based solution.  The package integrates an innovative and highly interactive control technique, utilizing handheld devices in the field that ensures thousands of joints are controlled safely, efficiently, virtually on schedule. 

Allowing you to be commercially competitive

Plant owners can apply Contract penalties, to EPC contractors for the late handover of a project.  These delays are often caused by rework and recertification resulting from leaks found during startup.  During construction and commissioning of facilities, EPC contractors and the Construction sub-contractors, must have a solution to typical issues to remain in budget.  Contractors must ensure the necessary expertise, materials, and planning is in place to carry out the bolting work and assure a safe leak-free startup.  

Benefits of using MODS Joint Integrity Manager 

  • Transparent Accurate Reporting
  • Reduced Administration
  • Fewer Business Disruptions
  • Enforced Regulatory Compliance
  • Increased Productivity levels
  • Dependable Quality of Work
  • Improved Project ROI
  • Re-enforced on-time schedules

"Unfortunately, poorly executed Joint integrity management has been the reason for significant past incidents, that caused millions of dollars' worth of damage and unacceptable fatalities. However, with the knowledge of the substantial risk, companies continue to conduct work without a truly accountable system related to bolted joints. Leaks from incorrectly assembled bolted joints during the construction phase and poorly pre-assembled components, are entirely avoidable if you digitize your systems allowing for accountability and real-time progress status updates. "

Jon Bell

We would love to talk to you about our Joint Integrity Solution.

MODS offers a Joint Integrity solution which is part of the MODS Connect suite MODs Connect can deliver real value on your project and help realize the cost-saving changes vital to remaining economically viable.  The exponential cost of a major safety incident compared to putting an effective joint integrity solution in place is not comparable.   At best, if the leak does not cause a major incident, the rework may cost several times more than the amount to do the initial work correctly.  


Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how MODS Connect can help your organization. 

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Digitalize your Joint Integrity process for operational excellence

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As a cloud-based Joint management system, MODS Connect provides an affordable and easily adaptable solution for managing bolted joints utilizing handheld technology and automation. The system is designed to enable users to interact directly with the database online to efficiently track each joint to reduce errors and deliver accountability while institutionalizing Operational Excellence in organizations. 

  • Reduce schedules 
  • Reduce resource costs 
  • Full traceability 
  • Improve Safety 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Remote work enablement
  • Dependable progress tracking

Joint Integrity Software Functions

These are just some of the functions available. Please contact the MODS team to learn about all the functionality within the Joint Management software MODS provide

Access Control

Alerts / Escalation

Audit Trail

Automated email reporting options

Bolt tightening

Completed joint databases

Data Import/Export

Drawing overlay & mark-up

Electronic Signature Capture

Mobile / Handheld app

Historical data for each joint

ITR smart forms

Joint Assembly Procedure

Joint disassembly/breakout

Joint Inspection Procedure

Leak history and incidents

Rapid Flange / Joint Entry import

Repair Tracking

Scheduled Reporting

Search Functionality

Testing. (Hydrostatic, Pneumatic, Nitrogen or Helium)

Track employee compliance

MODS Connect Joint integrity

MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software especially built for the challenges faced by EPCs and Operators on Brownfield projects.  Within this software group, Joint Integrity is a crucial, integrated component of this offering, removing any doubt of data being siloed during the project.  Alternatively, the Joint Integrity software can also function as a stand-alone solution that can integrate with your existing systems.  We recommend looking at the full MODS Connect offering for Brownfield projects for a significant investment return, regardless of size.  

However, the Joint Integrity software can also function as a stand-alone solution that can integrate with your existing systems. We recommend looking at the full MODS Connect offering for Brownfield projects for a significant investment return, regardless of size.  



Can it work without a 3D model?

Are site run connections managed by the system?

Will it improve the reporting of leaks?

What are the training requirements?

Does the system report in real-time?

Will it make workflows more efficient?

Speak to MODS

Speak to the experts and find out how MODS can transform the way you manage bolted joints on projects. 

  • Minimizes downtime and reduces schedules 
  • Improves Safety, productivity, and profitability 
  • Completes projects faster, smarter, and more accurately 
  • Reduces errors, clearly communicating design intent in 3D 
  • Drives improvement through performance feedback 
  • Effective live status leak compliance monitoring 
  • Integrated real-time sharing of project management information 
  • Informed ability to prioritize, plan and execute projects 
  • Paperless lifecycle management 
  • Dramatically reduces leaks on startup 
  • Full traceability and accountability 
  • Competitively priced for maximum ROI 

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