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Dimensional Control Services

As-built data you can depend on

The Value of Dimensional Control

In volatile times, companies may struggle to remain commercially viable and maintain existing assets to prevent problems from occurring. With some Operators canceling or delaying projects, the industry needs to adapt its long term goals using available technology developed by niche companies like MODS, to increase the economic viability of existing and future assets.

The ROI delivered to Operators by completing projects depends not just on the minimization of project CAPEX but also on minimizing the operating costs of the assets life-cycle.

MODS Dimensional Control provides an affordable and easily adoptable solution utilizing a specialist survey technique that can help you save money on industrial projects. Based on the application of traditional survey principles and equipment.

Delivering critical construction verification

MODS Dimensional Control delivers results with greater accuracy to ensure that everything fits first time.

  • Main structural layout
  • Verification of bumper and guide tolerances
  • Main interface checks between buckets and pins
  • Major equipment layout
  • Cut line marking
  • Tie-point positions for hook-up items allowing hook-up spools to be prefabricated ahead of module delivery.

Deliver ROI with more control

Single Man Operations: Improved site survey efficiency through innovative work processes designed around minimum manning using best available scanning technology and innovative survey targets.Survey Analysis in CAD: Raw data imported directly into a CAD environment adding visibility to the survey results that improves efficiency and accuracy to interpretation of survey data.

Survey Control System: A control system that continuously manages survey and high definition point cloud data in a common co-ordinate system.

Point Cloud Data Management: Imports survey control files directly into Scanning software platforms to produce accurate 3D point cloud models.

Design Interface: Imports survey 'as-built' data for tie-in points and other critical design information directly into the CAD design co-ordinate system.

Design Verification: 3D Design Models for clash and interference checks to define best fit geometry using CAD software applications, such as AutoCad, that also provide high-quality engineering deliverables

Proactive Dimensional Control: A step change in the engineering of projects to reduce cost and improve overall schedule; achieved by utilizing critical as-built data throughout the engineering and design phases to adjust and optimize fabrication and installation tolerances.

Heavy Lift Philosophy: Detailed dimensional control strategies are developed for each lift component with critical dimensions.

Advantages you gain by using dimensional control

Hook up interfaces: Proactive approach to the hook-up scope by reducing the tolerance levels demanded by the heavy lift contractor.  

Detailed Design: Typical industry standards for dimensional tolerances are re-engineered and reduced to maximize the use of pre-fabricated items.

Fabrication Assurance: A clash-free installation assured through verification of critical dimensions for all lift packages and hook-up scope.

Project Management: Better planning and control of resources to streamline the delivery organization and improve response speed with repeatable results.

Quality Assurance: Dimensional verification of fabricated items to design specification.

Collaboration: Maximize integration of the supply chain to improve the overall performance of the delivery team and minimize errors by simplifying communication.

Commercialization: Updated pricing models to reduce the cost base and include for risk and reward Mechanisms linked to stakeholder satisfaction. As an example the reduction of hot work on a live asset reduces costs and improves safety.

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