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Completions Software

Long delays and labour-intensive paper trails are a thing of the past with MODS Completions. This specialized software helps you achieve the ultimate objective of a logical, safe, and smooth project handover, from constructor to client, by guaranteeing the right steps have been taken to ensure stable operations.


MODS Completions solution delivers processes that are integrated with the 3D model database. The system delivers a comprehensive inspection, testing and commissioning program that is accountable, and cost-effective. This multi-discipline solution is cloud-based and provides the total picture, interactively, from a single source.

By creating a global sharing environment, and a single source of information fed from a Completion Management System (CMS), MODS Completions creates a visible and dependable integrity management system. The continuous CMS interface between the contractor and client mitigates any surprises, whilst auto-population, structured administration and reporting from the database, gives a project its driving focus from inception through to completion.

Inefficient Completion Management Systems impact

  • Technical Integrity
  • Project Schedules and handover goals
  • Budget - especially Production labour costs, time, and efficiency
  • Communication, Stakeholder transparency & visibility

Current processes that rely on paper-based printouts and spreadsheets involve high manual intervention levels, which inevitably lead to errors causing safety issues, losses, and delays. Therefore, it is essential to have the correct solution to manage and monitor all these issues and push project plans forward.

Common Completions Management related challenges

  • Incorrect and inaccurate form-filling resulting in lost paperwork and data
  • Unclear knowledge of real-time production status
  • Physicality of sharing information and communication causing unnecessary delays
  • Unable to identify and separate individual groups and subsystems for monitoring & revision
  • No master database with information easily accessible
  • Delays in data synchronization resulting in inaccurate status
  • Numerous tasks outstanding due to forgotten timelines

Digitize your Completions process for Commissioning

Early adoption of a robust Completions management system enables a high degree of influence on a project's outcome. Commissioning and Plant start-up schedules are supported and heavily influenced by an accountable Completions system. Manual systems are riddled with numerous delay factors that a comprehensive software system will automatically negate and offer instant access and detailed information regarding issues and punch items.

Smooth Handovers

Assured with automatic cross-referencing and form population, increased efficiency and full accessibility and transparency. Multiple search and navigation options are available to users through this web solution. Components and jobs can be quickly identified by location, tag, item number or scanner illustrating the issues, technical data, and current status. All this information can be updated, shared, and accessed instantaneously, from anywhere in the world.
The Completions database can be opened and edited via one of the many common web-browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla. All information within the browser accessed database is cloud-managed and remotely backed up, ensuring disaster recovery in the instance of an unfortunate event.

Multiple reasons to digitize your Completions process

This web-based software has a user-friendly interface with many features and functions designed to reduce the number of man-hours required to set-up and maintain. These time-saving functions allow personnel to focus on other aspects of the project, such as safety, performance, and efficiency.

Easy to use

Completions has a contemporary layout, standardised buttons, search functions and a colour-coded monitoring system throughout the database. This makes for ease of administration, thus minimising the time-taken for daily activities and significantly reduces costly mistakes which could be detrimental to a project. There are two ways to import data into the database. The first uses a datahub function allowing external project data input from the contractor or clients’ information system such as CMS. The second allows mass data imported via Excel spreadsheets.

Signatures & Signoffs

There are two sign-off scenarios in MODS Completions. The first is the highly popular e-signature which is completed through the handheld but can also be finalized through web-based software. The second is a wet-signature function which can allow manual sign-off of ITRs should a project dictate.

Benefits of using MODS Completions Software

  • Full traceability and accountability.
  • Improved productivity and up to 70% efficiencies reported by existing clients.
  • Cloud-based system using hand-held devices.
  • Real-time / Live reporting which removes the lag of paper-based sign-off.
  • Large reduction in administrative burdens.
  • Structured accountability for user rights.
  • Automated system population, removing inefficient system interfaces.
  • No delays in ITR sign-offs and Hand Over.
  • Offers 100% paper-free execution if desired.

We would love to talk to you about our Completions Solution.

MODS offers a Completions solution which is part of the MODS Connect suite. MODS Connect can deliver real value on your project and help realize the cost-saving changes vital to remaining economically viable. Reporting is essential to any successful project. MODS Connect - Completions offers an integrated reporting environment which is visible to all clients, contractors, and sub-contractors. Completions offers a suite of customizable reports to track, monitor and give visual representation of the projects progress; all in real-time. The software also offers an easy one-click solution for the generation and collaboration of system handover documents.

Contact the MODS team to arrange a presentation on how MODS Connect - Completions can help your organization.

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Digitalize your Completions process for Operational excellence

completions software - digital handover

As a cloud-based Completions management system, MODS Completions provides an affordable and easily adaptable solution for managing a stress-free handover utilizing handheld technology and automation. The system is designed to enable users to interact directly with the database online to efficiently track progress, reduce paperwork errors, speed up processes with automated population and deliver accountability while institutionalizing Operational Excellence in organizations.

  • Cloud based global remote access
  • Digital system reducing administrative burdens
  • Full traceability of Inspection and Test Records (ITRs)
  • Punch item management system
  • Real-time progress reporting and tracking
  • User-friendly hand-held application giving 100% paper-free option
  • Digital quality assurance

MODS Completions Functions

These are just some of the functions available. Please contact the MODS team to learn about all the functionality within the desktop and mobile version.

Excel Data Import

Remotely accessed tag database

Auto-allocated ITR Forms

Auditable ITR history

Customizable Milestones

Corporate suite of ITRs and Handover certificates

Customizable ITR sign-offs

Mechanical Completion

Static Commissioning

Dynamic Commissioning


O&M and Turnaround Management

Full Digitally Enabled Forms

Digital Certificates and Approvals

Digital Handover Certification Dossiers

Mobile online/offline capability

Punchlist Management

Mobile Punch item entry, with images

Punch approval system

Real-time Status Reporting

Multiple Project Access

Cross module live updates

MODS Connect - Completions

MODS Connect is the overarching suite of software especially built for the challenges faced by EPCs and Operators on Brownfield projects. Within this software group, Completions is a crucial, integrated component of this offering, removing any doubt of data being siloed during the project. Alternatively, the Completions software can also function as a stand-alone solution that can integrate with your existing systems. We recommend looking at the full MODS Connect solution for Brownfield projects for a significant investment return, regardless of size.

Completions and Commissioning processes go hand in hand. Should these projects suffer from delays and inefficiencies; handover and start-up dates will only ever be pushed back rather than pulled forward. Costs quickly soar into millions over budget unless full control is accessible via a truly accountable system on or offshore. MODS Connect - Completions has two main characteristics: Web-based software and Hand-held software.

A key element of the Completions module is the hand-held. The mobile device has android based software which can be used on most Android-based tablets. The software allows an operator to take the tablet on-site and inspect, record, and sign off ITR’s (Inspection and Test Records) at the work location. This remote ability reduces costs, errors, and helps sustain the environment due to it being 100% paper-free.


Does it integrate with a 3D model?

What assurance does a completions system give?

Will it make workflows more efficient?

What are the training requirements?

Can you customize Milestones?

Can you create or edit your own ITRs?

Request a Completions overview meeting today.

Speak to the experts and find out how MODS can transform the way you manage your Completions projects.

  • Minimizes delays and reduces schedules
  • Improves safety, productivity, and profitability
  • Completes projects faster, smarter, and more accurately
  • Reduces errors, offers automatic form population
  • Drives improvement through performance feedback
  • Real-time leak status compliance monitoring
  • Integrated real-time sharing of project progress information
  • Informed ability to prioritize, plan and execute projects
  • Paperless lifecycle management
  • Centralized Punch management system
  • Full traceability and accountability of ITRs, Punch items and Handover documents
  • Competitively priced for maximum ROI

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