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MODS Origin

Fit-for-purpose planning, management, and handover solution. Single source truth for new-build energy construction projects

Software, Built to simplify the complex with digital transformation (DX)

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Industrial construction professionals in charge of managing complex project lifecycles are often forced to use different siloed software to manage project stages - engineering, procurement, manufacturing & fabrication, planning, cost control, construction, installation, and commissioning. 

MODS project management software Origin unites these phases as an integrated process, pulling data on real-time activities directly between the modules. This gives complete control and visibility, enabling control over time, resources, cost and risk. This is a solution built around Greenfield project management principles rather than repetitive processes. 

MODS Origin is a cloud-based interactive, integrated, and intuitive tool for Engineering Procurement and Construction companies. It is built specifically to address Project Phases of planning, constructing, and handing over new-build assets and facilities to the operator. 

Access Anywhere - MODS Origin Rapid Deployment - MODS Origin Reduced cost - MODS Origin Instant upgrades - MODS Origin
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Simplify your processes with Digitalization

MODS Origin was explicitly built for Greenfield development in the energy construction industry. It is a Fit-for-purpose project planning, management, and handover solution. It has multiple features capable of supporting all phases of project execution and handover. 

MODS want to help you to be an industrial DX game-changer in a rapidly changing disruptive market. Simplify your processes with a single platform that streamlines your workflows and connects the office and field.  

  • A single source of truth for construction analytics 
  • Graph and analyze data with interactive tools 
  • Advance Work Packing 
  • Access thousands of data points on the build 
  • Mobile real-time data reporting function 
  • Highly visual reporting in 3D 
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Securely publish & distribute construction drawings, documents, and models in a single, cloud-based platform

  • Streamline the management of RFIs
  • Standardize quality inspection processes
  • Execute inspections on mobile devices
  • Improve cost control & visualize in a single platform
  • Efficiently manage project lifecycle for improved commissioning & handover.
  • Unifies management of engineering and construction operations
  • Empowers decision-makers with reports in a visual, analytical, and intuitive format
Access Anywhere - MODS Origin Rapid Deployment - MODS Origin Reduced cost - MODS Origin Instant upgrades - MODS Origin

Increase your execution speed

Construction delays due to lag in information, equipment, or material are minimized with an integrated project management solution like Origin.   

Improve profitability on projects can be delivered when you have an intuitive, capable integrated platform for your new project's full building life cycle. 

When margins are under pressure and competition is intensifying for the engineering contractors industry, MODS Origin can help you stop operating in a fragmented way, with disconnection and an inability to control project outcomes.

Efficiently managing new build megaprojects by adopting data-driven, integrated processes and software is critical to enable your digital transformation now and for the future. 

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