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Grand Isle Shipyards

Established in 1948 in Grand Isle, Louisiana, GIS began as a modest company serving the commercial fishing industry. It quickly evolved, entering into the emerging Oil & Gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico. Just as its founders, Clyde and Ouida Pregeant responded to clients’ ever-changing needs, GIS has advanced and diversified to become one of the industry’s most capable and trusted energy partners.




Centered on the two business segments of the EPC business targeting an extensive business field, and functional materials manufacturing propped up by unique technologies.

JGC operates businesses in a variety of regions throughout the world, contributing to economic growth and industrial development in not only Japan, but also in various countries worldwide.





Petrofac is a leading service provider to the oil and gas production and processing industry. Petrofac have a 37-year track record and have grown significantly to become a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

Petrofac are a people-based business.Petrofac started life in 1981 with just 25 people on board and today have 31 offices and around 11,500 staff worldwide, representing more than 80 nationalities.



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